2012年12月21日に起きること。 日本の2013年2014年の透視

友人の ペニー ケリー博士から。


Regarding Dec. 21st and beyond:1.12月21日は、心配するのをやめてください。 どこへいっても逃げ場所は無い。 やることは、意識を改善することなので自分の中に意識を置いてください。 最も安全なところは、あなた自身の中です。 もし、災害が起きたら、自分の体に意識を置いてください。深く呼吸をしてください。 願いがあれば祈ってもとめてください。感情がこみ上げたらそれに任せてください。助けが来るかもしれないので注意を払ってください。
1. The first thing to do is stop worrying, but remain alert. There is no place left to run. The task is to develop consciousness so that you can be fully present wherever you are and rely on your consciousness in moments of emergency . The most powerful safety zone is inside yourself. If a crisis happens, stay in your body, breathe deeply, and ask for what you need, allowing all the emotion of the moment to flow into your request. Be alert to whatever form that help may arrive in.

2.何回か世界全体が クンダリーニになったような、大量の覚醒が起きた現象の予知を見ました。 これは、宇宙からの周波数の変化から来るものです。 これが実際起きるのか、シンボル的なことなのかわかりませんが、様子をみましょう。
2. A couple of times, I have seen something like a global kundalini event, or some kind of massive awakening. It was the result of a change in frequencies coming from space. I am not sure whether this was a literal event or a symbolic event. We just have to wait and see.

3. The human population must begin to accept that they can communicate with the Earth, the wind, the rain, the sun, etc.

もし、多くの人が、いつも自然を話ができるようになれば、自然災害は減少します。 私は太陽に「こんにちは」と毎朝挨拶します。地球には、毎朝「おはよう」といいます。風や雨にもお願いします。「お願いをきいてありがとう」と、都度感謝します。私がお願いした時はいつもより多く感謝します。 最終的には、私たちがずっと無視してきた現実の部分と共同作業の関係を作ることです。これは、人に言うことでもなく、自分の中で変えればいいことです。この現実は関係が築け、自然なものになれば、びっくりするような選択性がでてきます。
4. If a sufficient number of people made simple contact with the elements of nature on a regular basis, we would be able to shift the course of events to be less threatening. I send a simple “Hello” to the sun every time I step outdoors. I frequently say “Good morning” to Mother Earth. I regularly ask the wind or the rain for small favors. And I say, “Thank you for listening to my request” each time. I send more thank-you messages when I get what I want. The goal is to develop a real and working relationship with those parts of the reality that we have long ignored. None of this has to be loud or public; just a quiet change inside yourself. This reality is capable of amazing selectivity when a relationship has been created and nurtured.

5.私たちは、ゆっくりと光の存在に移行します。 そうなるにつれ、食べ物は不必要になってきます。食べ物は周波数を供給します。 それらの周波数は光によって吸収されます。 体がゆっくりと光になるにつれて私たちは永遠の不死の存在になります。死から離れます。私を訪れた高次元の存在は、「死は間違った考えです」と言っています。 間違いの中には、食事が私たちを生かし、健康にしていると思うことです。今私たちが持っている体には、少しの食事と水は必要です。しかし、今、それぞれの体は、周波数とその磁場により確保されているプラズマの集合体だということを理解しなければなりません。 研究室で、レベングッド博士と私は、プラズマは、意識に直接反応することが判りました。
5. We are moving slowly toward becoming beings of light. As we do, we will need less food. Food provides frequencies, and all of those frequencies can be absorbed from light. As the body slowly turns into light, we will move toward becoming eternal beings. We will move away from death. The Little Men in Brown Robes said, “Death is a mistake in thinking.” Part of the mistake is to think that food keeps us alive and healthy. A little bit of food and water is necessary for the bodies we currently have. But it is time to understand that each body is a collection of plasmas maintained by frequencies and their associated magnetic fields. In the laboratory, Dr. Levengood and I have found that plasma responds directly to consciousness.

6.未来を見ると、2015年から2021年は多くの人と多くの国にとっては大変な時期になります。 その時期を透視すると、非常に熱く、多くの物が燃えていて、人々は怒り破壊的になって、多くの人が亡くなります。国家はバラバラになり、完全に機能しなくなり、人々は自分で生存を考えてゆきます。だからみんなに自ら食料を作るように志を同じにする人といい関係を持つようにしています。適切な呼吸を学び、食事法を学び、これらは、意識のパワーを開発する為です。
6. I have seen that the period between 2015 and 2021 is very difficult for many people and nations. When I look at this period of time, it always appears to be extremely hot, many things are on fire, people are very angry and destructive, and there is much death. Nations appear to be falling apart and totally dysfunctional. People are on their own to survive. Thus, I have encouraged people to develop their ability to grow food, to build good relationships with like-minded people, to learn proper breathing, exercise, and eating habits, and most of all to develop the power of their consciousness.

意識のパワーは、自己規律に基づいています。それはあいてが誰でも無関係に、あなたが扱っている人の、愛と常識でオープンな態度を維持することを決定する自己規律です。これは、 "玄関マット"になるおいうことを意味するものではありません、それは真実、心遣い、包括性、誠実さ、できるだけ多くの長期的な利益をもたらす結果のために立っていることを意味します。 誰かが貪欲または軽率であるとき、 "あなたはどのように多くのステーキを食べることができていますか?あなたは何台の車を運転できますか?”と聞きます。 
7. The power of consciousness is based on self-discipline. It is the discipline of deciding that you will maintain an open attitude of love and common sense, regardless of who you are dealing with. This does not mean becoming a “doormat.” On the contrary, it means standing for truth, thoughtfulness, inclusiveness, honesty, and results that bring long-term benefits for as many as possible. The questions to ask when someone is greedy or thoughtless are, “How many steaks can you eat? How many cars can you drive?”

8. We can explore many dimensions of existence and learn much. However, this reality system is the one we must evolve. This place is the one struggling to shift consciousness. Celebrate whatever you are good at. Know that you must carry that knowledge forward and use it to help create the New World.

9. It is the challenge of any reality system to evolve far enough to become an eternal world that does not die. To do this, we must learn to nurture life. We create too much suffering, hurt, and death. All reality systems that do not work to purge themselves of destructive results will eventually self-destruct. When we have learned to nurture ONLY life, we will have eternal life!

10。私は2013から14年に日本について透視したいくつかの事柄:日本の西の方の大きな島の一つに、小さな火山の噴火か非常に大規模な火災があった。 (ごめんなさい、私は非常によくあなたの島々や地域の事情を知らないです。)それがために、2013年に電力の問題の大都会(東京?)での停電がいくつかの都市に見えます。これらの停電は、2014年末までにより多く発生し、長期化します。水が問題です。海岸線で高い津波がかぶります。これは、いくつかの沿岸地域は、非常に高い潮で大きな被害が出ます。水害は南の大都市の路上を襲うようすが見えます。そこでは大きな嵐が、そこに多分いくつかの主要な嵐が多くの損害を引き起こしたと見えます。東京には水害と嵐の害がおおくの多くの困難をもたらします。良い飲料水が不足します。日本から海外への移住の複数の波がでます、2013年に1回と2014年に2回の海外移住が見えました。私は福島に起因する病気や疾患がどこでも明らかになって、人々が放射線から逃げ出したかったという気持ちを持っていたからと思います。まず、最初は少数の海外脱出でしたが、2014年の終わりまでに、脱出のため他の場所を探す人が大幅に増えているのががみえました。私はあなたと奥様が2014年に日本を離れることを考えていたのが見えました。あなたも、おそらくマレーシアや韓国、中国までも想定して移動を考えている様子が見えます。
10. A couple of things I have seen regarding Japan in 2013-14: Either a small volcano erupts or there is a very large fire on the west coast of one of the bigger islands. (I am sorry I do not know your islands or geography very well.) It looks like a few areas of blackout in a big city (Tokyo?) because of problems with electricity in 2013. These blackouts are more numerous and last longer by the end of 2014. Water is a problem. High water laps at the coastline, as if some coastal areas are struggling with very high tides. Water was in the streets of a big city in the south and I thought a major storm had caused a lot of damage there, maybe several major storms. Water and wind in Tokyo caused much difficulty. Good drinking water was becoming scarce. There were several waves of emigration away from Japan, one in 2013 and two in 2014. I had the feeling that the illnesses and diseases caused by Fukushima were evident everywhere and people wanted to get away from the radiation. At first, there was a small number of emigrations, but by the end of 2014, there were large numbers of people looking for other places to go. I thought you and wife were thinking about leaving Japan in 2014. You were thinking about moving toward Malaysia or South Korea, perhaps even China.

11. こういうのは心苦しいですが、日本の多くの方が日本に生き残ってほしいと願っているにも関わらず、私は、何回か日本が生き残れない様子を見ました。 あなたが彼らと一緒に長くとどまれるよう希望します。
11. I am sorry to say this, but several times I have seen that Japan does not survive, although many of her wonderful people do. I hope you are among those who will be here for a long time.
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2012年12月21日に何が起きるか? I.

いよいよ 2012年12月21日に近づいてきた。

アルフレッド ヲブルからの情報を報告する。

ポイントは、銀河の中心のブラックホールが、多数の宇宙のポータルになっているが、そこ(フナ ク’)からでる次元の波のバイブレーションが上昇し、次元間障壁を超え、高い調和周波数の
高次元の意識に移行する。 これは、次元上昇である。

funab ku.jpg

We know now, science knows, that there are many universes in the multi-verse. We don't know yet how many universes there are in the multi-verse. We know that there are billions of Galaxies in our Universe, but we don't know how many universes there are in the multi-verse. Each universe has an inter-dimensional portal, and that inter-dimensional portal is now emanating into our Universe dimensional frequency waves - higher dimensional frequency waves - that we can call enlightened unity consciousness. It's a higher dimensional frequency from duality consciousness.

This is part of the dimensional shift into multiple dimensions which are discrete energy barriers, or energy segments, having to do with consciousness and life in each segment. What it means is that our entire universe now is ascending into a higher harmonic of dimensions and frequencies because that's what's entering into its dimensional portal, and that's what can be measured through this Mayan Calender.

And, [it is] the singularity or inter-dimensional portal at the center of our Galaxy which is the Galactic Center-Black Hole (what the Mayans call Hunab Ku or the mother of creation) that modulates the energy waves or dimensional shifts [that are] coming from the universal portal. So you have alternating energy wave movements of these energy shifts that have been a feature of our universe according to some scientists, like Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, since 'the big bang' or when our Universe was created.

It is these wave movements that have shaped the nature of consciousness in our Universe over the last 18 billion years. In other words, the Universe is a machine for processing consciousness and dimensions and incarnations from the non-local spiritual dimensions which are outside of the Universe, [outside] of the physical universe.

If we look at the end of the Mayan Calender, (be that December 21, 2012, or October 28, 2011, or some other date) that it is a culmination of frequency waves, and now we are at a goal point which is that of setting the Earth potentially on a gradual setting to reach advanced Utopian planet status. That's the long prophesied Golden Age of Utopia.

How does this matter? How does the dimensional shift matter to you? The reason why it matters is that all of our individual highest thoughts are sourced from energy waves from this universe singularity, or portal, mediated through the Galactic singularity [which then is] mediated through the black hole at the center of our Galaxy that the Mayans called Hunab Ku, and then mediated through the singularity of our solar system, our sun, (which is our dimensional portal), and then into our minds.

It is our minds, then, which can process these dimensional frequency waves into moving up these ascension waves - these dimensional shifts which are occurring now, and which have been mapped out over the last 18 billion years; and over the last five thousand plus years of the Mayan Calender which is the last - most immediate, script for evolution and dimensional shift of consciousness on this planet as given to us by a Pleidian calender. The Pleidians being one of the races that have taught us.

Now, does it matter if you are tuned in and commit to being tuned into these dimensional frequencies? Remember, this is the countdown to December 21. The answer is yes because that's how we commit to reach our potential as individuals, and how, collectively, we reach our planetary status.

We always ask, is the Earth going to be a dis-topia or a utopia, catastrophe or positive future? The good news is that our Universe portal is now emanating Utopia as a dimensional frequency, and the more that we are collectively tuned into enlightened universal consciousness, or this dimensional shift into higher frequencies of universal consciousness - of unity consciousness, as opposed to duality consciousness, then ourselves and our planet move toward this Utopia and we move toward a positive timeline.

That's the mechanism by which this dimensional shift occurs. And of course, December 21, it can be [the end] if you hold, or of the school that that's the end of it. The end of this particular scroll or script, well, then the script goes on and if it [the end of the Mayan Calendar} occurred on October 28, well, then the script goes on after that! The script afterward seems to be that we are now in broadcasts of Utopia...

Now, of course, we're still on a planet of war, disease, crime and poverty and duality. Those are, in a sense, the control mechanism – the religions, the governmental structures, those memes...and as those are cleared out, we will move from 2012 through 2020 to a Utopia to a Paradise on Earth .

May you have a wonderful day, night and week. And remember, expect a Miracle because Life is Miraculous!

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